Fresh Baked Pita & Gluten Free Falafel

212.466.1222 | 127 Rivington St (Btwn Norfolk & Essex)

Mon-Thurs 10am-2am | Fri 10am -  one hour before sunset | Sat One hour after sunset - 4am | Sun 10am-12am

OK certified


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The Falafel Shop serves up a flawless blend of old world tradition and trending tastes.  The Kosher gourmet vegetarian eatery offers a fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, prepared in-house from a simple array of fresh ingredients.

Our trademark gluten-free falafel is made-to-order with a secret combination of fine herbs and proteins.

In addition to falafel, the eatery features fresh pressed juices and other robust combinations, including sabich, bureka, tabouleh, amba, hummus, babaganoush, baklavah, and more!

All sandwiches come with your choice of whole wheat or regular pita, baked on premises, plus home-made tahini and a chopped salad.

Beyond traditional Mideast fare, the menu includes a variety of vigorously delicious salads, including the Tovs’ own gluten-free tabouli, made with quinoa, a lighter grain, instead of the bulkier bulgar.

Guests are invited to watch our baristas press produce into our signature juices from the casual café style tables and counters that line the re-claimed wood walls.  From the classic ABC, made of apples, beets and carrots, to the quirky and refreshing Orange Apple Mint – the shop’s juices and lemonades, squeezed from locally sourced produce when available, are sure to quench any thirst with a vitamin kick.

The Falafel Shop integrates the best of Israeli street cooking with New York City’s culinary quirks.

At 127 Rivington St, The Falafel Shop offers certified kosher, fast, affordable, gourmet food. fit to satisfy cravings without offending health ambitions.  Open until 2am weeknights and 4am weekends, the shop is a cozy space for lunch, dinner or late night munching.